What I wore – 23 May 2019 “Cardboard City”

What I wore – 23 May 2019 “Cardboard City”

On Monday all our new kitchen units arrived ahead of the builder starting today. Unfortunately he’s delayed until Tuesday, so for now we’re squeezing around boxes every time we want so much as a cup of tea! The cats are loving life though, as far as they’re concerned they’ve gained a massive climbing frame!

Did a short run this morning and popped into the polling station en route, now spending the day working from home, with a lunchtime sports massage to try to sort out my exhausted and aching legs.

Jumper – Boden; Jeans – Oasis; Shoes – Toms


What I wore – 21 May 2019 “Inadvisable”

What I wore – 21 May 2019 “Inadvisable”

When you’re as clumsy as me, white jeans are inadvisable, but I’m giving these a go anyway!

Had an OK run this morning, and now working from home ahead of meeting colleagues for dinner tonight. It’s a beautiful day outside, a shame my access to the garden is blocked by all the boxes of new kitchen cupboard units!

Jeans, Shoes, Cardigan – M&S; Top – Monsoon; Necklace – Oliver Bonas

What I wore – 18 May 2019 “Treasure Hunt”

What I wore – 18 May 2019 “Treasure Hunt”

I think I’ve mentioned very briefly about my personal style changing over the past couple of months – this is probably all tied up with my impending job change, which will involve working in an office (rather than from home), and therefore having to build a wardrobe of smart/causal pieces, as opposed to the mega casual (for days at home) and mega smart (for days on site visits) I’m used to at the moment.

One of the changes I’m making is wearing my glasses more, and making them more of a style feature, and with that in mind I went to the opticians on Saturday for a (long overdue) contact lens and sight check, where I chose a new pair of glasses and a pair of prescription sunglasses – they’ll be ready to collect later this week, so I’ll post pictures then.

In lieu of a run on Saturday I’d walked to the optician (around 4 miles). I then met hubbie and went for lunch in one of our favourite cafes before venturing to Central London for a murder mystery treasure hunt. The hunt was designed by Treasure Trails, which is a great company which offers trails all around the country that you can purchase and download (for a very reasonable £6.99). We had a great time wandering round Hyde Park in the sun, chatting and eating ice-cream. Unfortunately, when we were half way through the trail, the heavens opened, and we decided it was best to cut it short, but we’ll resume another day. Went for dinner in the evening in a distinctly average Lebanese restaurant (good reviews, but we didn’t think the food was particularly good).

Dressed for a day of walking:

 Jeans – Oasis; Jumper – Jigsaw; Shoes – Next

Yesterday I attempted a final 26 miles. Awful – my legs are definitely beginning to give up and I’m now slower than I’ve ever been. Cue some serious thinking/conversations this week about whether the 10 marathons are feasible/sensible.

Today our new kitchen units arrived, as we’ve now got a house full of boxes ahead of the builder starting on Thursday – it’s going to be a stressful few weeks.

This photo wasn’t taken for the blog – it was meant to just be a personal record of what I wore, but I thought I may as well post it. I’ll probably only venture to the Post Office today, so won’t really be seen!


Trousers & Shirt – Jigsaw; Flip flops – free from a weekend at a spa!

What I wore – 15 May 2019 “Immediate crease”

What I wore – 15 May 2019 “Immediate crease”

It’s warming up, but my house is still pretty cool, particularly the room I work in, hence the jumper (plus, I’m renowned for being “cold blooded”!). At least I’ve finally got my toes on display!

Today I’m wearing another pair of new Massimo Dutti trousers – unfortunately, they seemed to crease the second I put them on – not actually so noticeable in “real life” when I’m moving around in them, but pretty bad in photos!

Trousers – Massimo Dutti; Jumper – Benetton; Sandals – Next